2016 was an odd year for me. The two defining facets of the year were polar opposites. Good and Bad. Happy and Sad. Uplifting and Depressing.   And they began one day after the other in January.   I came home to Sydney on the 9th of Jan this year […]

2016 – a round up.

When are you happiest? Does discovering, creating, buying or helping give you that thoroughly satisfied feeling in your gut? Maybe doing nothing more than sitting in your sunlit garden with a cup of tea, music and your thoughts makes you radiate calmness and peace – happiness. For others happiness is […]

It’s Tax Time!

It feels like a pre-cursor is needed before I jump back in to this, I’ve been gone for a little while getting my head around a few things and getting in to the swing of a new routine. This year I am no longer working for Topdeck. Things are changing […]

Where I’m at

Transylvania. When I say it chances are one picture sprung to your mind. A dark and stormy night with voluminous clouds pieced by flashes of lightening. In the distance a structure perches on an outcrop of rock. The structure has tall pointed towers, perhaps a moat and drawbridge and definitely […]

In search of Dracula

It seems that I needn’t have set my alarm for this morning, the Sunday church bells surround our hostel and clang though our third story windows as if the slatted wooden shutters wern’t even there. Outside the sun is only just starting to illuminate the rough stones of the buildings; turning them […]

Kotor – Montenegro

   This Valentines day feels like an appropriate time to tell the world – I’m in a long distance relationship. With Europe. Anybody reading this blog will realise that the vast continent of Europe is the love of my life. She makes me laugh and dance She shows me places that drop […]

This Valentines Day…

You still use your parents address to fill out forms – you are never anywhere long enough to have your own. You only read books about travel. Guide books can be bed time reading to you. Your walls have maps on them. Of places you’ve been and places you want to go and […]

20 signs you are addicted to travel!

“An O.H. & what?” We were laughing hysterically and Alex wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Which was fair enough really because what we were doing was pointing randomly at potholes in pedestrian sidewalks, hanging wires and non-hard hat wearing construction workers and calling “OH&S!” to each other, then laughing […]

Visiting Romania: a country of warm hearts.

I have done a bit of travelling and I feel like I have covered my share of long haul flights. I have no love for long haul flights but regular <6hrs flights I do actually enjoy! If you live a busy life, a plane trip can be a good excuse […]

Why you shouldn’t fly

    Well guess what? I made it home! After 21 months away I was glad to step in to the bright sunlight of a warm Sydney summers day and breath in the scents of frangipani and hot tarmac that I associate with home. My flight with China Southern was […]

Spin the world!