About Gemtherese

     Hello, I’m Gemma Linton.


In Asolo, Italy

My passions are discovery, history, travel and nature. In my down time I also love creating with my hands, whether that is building cubbies for children, knitting for charities, drawing for friends or writing for myself.



On a canal cruise in Amsterdam


I am from Sydney, Australia but in the last 6 years I have spent more time outside my native country than within it. I had my first passport at the age of 2 when my family moved to Fiji for 2 years. Whilst I can’t remember any of that time I do think that it gave me the knowledge that living a lifestyle outside of the norm and comfort zone was possible and it helped steer me towards my current way of living.



Relaxing after a days hiking in Cinque Terra, Italy


My first self propelled trip overseas came at 16 when I undertook an exchange program in Ireland for 9 months. This was really the beginning of the world opening up to me. Since then Europe has become my obsession.



Drinking on the job in the Hofbrauhaus in Munich

Currently I work for Topdeck, a European coach tour company for the 18 to 30-something crowd, as a chef. This fantastic position has opened up many doors of discovery for me, from taking me to destinations that I would have otherwise missed, introducing me to experiences I had previously dodged and connecting me with people who expand my horizons. All the views aired on this blog are 100% my own and in no way are the views or opinions of Topdeck Travel.



A day at work on the fjords of Norway

I write this blog to document my experiences, show others that making a lifestyle of travel is not impossible and, as a way for me to make an understanding of what I do. As one man, Pico Iyre, said ‘The trip gave me some amazing sites but it is only through sitting still that allows me to turn them into lasting insights’ and that is what I try to do here.


1064 - Copy

Excited by the lack of view at the top of Jungfrau, Switzerland

If you are interested in what I do, have any questions, or have anything you would like to see on the site you can contact me at gemtherese@hotmail.com


Happy traveling, stay light and curious!