Spin the world!



Well guess what? I made it home!

After 21 months away I was glad to step in to the bright sunlight of a warm Sydney summers day and breath in the scents of frangipani and hot tarmac that I associate with home.

My flight with China Southern was uneventful. I watched many movies and slept as much as possible. The food was good and the seats as comfy as can be expected of an economy flight. I was delayed 2 hours in China (making the layover 5hrs in total) but it just meant that I got into Sydney at the more reasonable time of 8am.

Now that I am home I am in a flurry of meeting up with people and trying to find a job and getting my life in order.

One of the loose ends that I am very excited to tie up is a project I have been working on all year.

I wanted to document a year of my travels and so I started last January in Italy a video that I simply called ‘Spin’.

I tried to spin in every country that I went to this year and I did a pretty good job although I am missing several places that were just so busy on trips that fun things like this got put aside.

I am no film maker but I am very proud of the end result and am so excited to share it with you!

Without further ado I present – Spin the world!

(turn up the quality to high for the best viewing)


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