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 This Valentines day feels like an appropriate time to tell the world – I’m in a long distance relationship.

With Europe.

Anybody reading this blog will realise that the vast continent of Europe is the love of my life. She makes me laugh and dance She shows me places that drop my jaw and make my heart explode with the colours of the rainbow.

We have been seeing each other on and off since 2006 and in the last 3 years we have been going pretty solid with each other and although I can’t speak for her – I think we have made each other very happy.

I said goodbye to her last year in December, promising to come back as soon as possible. I even left some of my heart there just to make sure I would return. However, now that I am back in Sydney some things have come up that have gotten in the way of getting back as soon as I had wanted. Sometimes family comes first – and this is one of those times.

But I’m invested in making this long distance relationship work. Right now I am listening to El Perdon (a Spanish pop song, so good!), reading about Venice and calling over to the continent whenever I can. I’m also using the techniques that I used on Europe to help me become better friends with Sydney.

Listen, look, reach out and discover.

The hard part is not staying in love. I know that isn’t going to be a problem. No. It is in not becoming a shell of a lover who pines over what is not there. Sydney is laying out all of her charms. There is food, art, nature and entertainment just waiting to be tried (Sydney is flirting pretty hard) and all I need to do is say yes and dive into it all.

Europe is going to be ok without me for a bit and I will have to be ok too. It doesn’t mean I’ll forget her, just that I will pay more attention to the here and now and what I have available to me at this moment.

Happy Valentines day, I hope everyone can find peace with the different loves in their life.


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