It’s Tax Time!


When are you happiest? Does discovering, creating, buying or helping give you that thoroughly satisfied feeling in your gut? Maybe doing nothing more than sitting in your sunlit garden with a cup of tea, music and your thoughts makes you radiate calmness and peace – happiness.

For others happiness is a high tension emotion. Found in the top of their head, creating energy and excitement – we all know those people who bounce around when they are happy, full of beans.

As humans, our emotions are generally in some level of balance and we all have both of these states of happiness at different times.

And for different reasons.

I get genuine happiness from saving money and that is why this time of year (tax time) is so exciting. In one fell swoop the other night my savings were exponentially increased, leaving me grinning and repeating ‘I can go to Ireland now! I could afford to leave tomorrow!’

My savings are purely for travel and every pay check put away opens up new doors of possibility in the future.

Earlier this year the discussion was had with Bec that although we were both serial savers – we needed to be careful to live in the present and not just in the future. We are both at home this year rather than travelling and we can get in the mindset of saving so hard for possible future trips that we can tend to deny ourselves in the present. WE talked about how we need to remember that having fun and treating ourselves can happen at home as well. Something I am fining a balance in by taking some trips within Australia and occasionally letting myself have a takeaway coffee or go rock climbing.

A balance in calm happiness and bouncing happiness. A balance of living in the future and the present and a balance of saving and spending. Life is in the balance.

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