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It feels like a pre-cursor is needed before I jump back in to this, I’ve been gone for a little while getting my head around a few things and getting in to the swing of a new routine.

This year I am no longer working for Topdeck.

Things are changing over in Europe. Borders are becoming stricter due to terrorist threats, influxes of refugees and places like Britain are thinking of opting out of the EU. These reasons amongst others caused Topdeck to change their hiring policy, meaning that those, like me, without an EU passport or heritage visa or UK working visa are no longer able to work for the company.

It was sad news to get but I was ok with it. I had already decided that 2016 was time for something new and when I got back to Aus it was time to start looking for what that thing was.




It wasn’t too long before I found what seems to be the perfect position for me. For the last 3 months I have been working as the activities coordinator at Sydney Harbour YHA. Yep- I get to do the beach walks, the pub crawls and the BBQ nights at our hostel in the center of the oldest part of Sydney’s city. It’s a pretty great job and the freedom to create any event I like is awesome!

It’s a big change going from moving every other day (I moved once every 4 days on average last year) and some times I miss it desperately. Other times I enjoy having a house and a job with more regular hours. It’s all in the balance.

This year I have told myself that I will take the time to discover more of Australia, something I normally promise but then fail to come through with. This time though I have already been up north to Ballina and have flights to Melbourne booked for later in the month.



Sydney, my city


I am also learning more about Sydney as a tourist destination and helping backpackers enjoy my home city – which as anyone who knows me will tell you, is my passion.

So it’s a little late but here is to this new chapter of my story and to learning to make the most of it!


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