Best Of

When are you happiest? Does discovering, creating, buying or helping give you that thoroughly satisfied feeling in your gut? Maybe doing nothing more than sitting in your sunlit garden with a cup of tea, music and your thoughts makes you radiate calmness and peace – happiness. For others happiness is […]

It’s Tax Time!

It feels like a pre-cursor is needed before I jump back in to this, I’ve been gone for a little while getting my head around a few things and getting in to the swing of a new routine. This year I am no longer working for Topdeck. Things are changing […]

Where I’m at

   This Valentines day feels like an appropriate time to tell the world – I’m in a long distance relationship. With Europe. Anybody reading this blog will realise that the vast continent of Europe is the love of my life. She makes me laugh and dance She shows me places that drop […]

This Valentines Day…

I have done a bit of travelling and I feel like I have covered my share of long haul flights. I have no love for long haul flights but regular <6hrs flights I do actually enjoy! If you live a busy life, a plane trip can be a good excuse […]

Why you shouldn’t fly

    Well guess what? I made it home! After 21 months away I was glad to step in to the bright sunlight of a warm Sydney summers day and breath in the scents of frangipani and hot tarmac that I associate with home. My flight with China Southern was […]

Spin the world!

What does Ireland mean to me?   Family without blood and a definite sense of belonging.     This comes from being in a place where the surroundings call out to me. Purple wild mountains, tamed green fields, dark forests and noisy rivers. A ruin around every bend. Clear sharp […]

Missing Ireland

  I have magic kisses – I didn’t need them all that often, but when Federico took a tumble he would come to me with just the edge of his bottom lip sticking out and his eyes saying that this could go one of two ways, better or worse. I […]

Some things I learnt whislt Au-Pairing

I still hate saying goodbye. But I think I am getting better at it. My first experience of big goodbyes was when I was 16 and leaving Ireland after 9 months of living and studying there. I was a mess. The farewells were long and drawn out and I was […]


The day has come and I am leaving again! For those just came here, I have been living with a family in Italy as an Au-Pair over the winter. Now Topdeck has called me back to my summer job starting in Rome on March 31st. I am currently living near […]

Off again

On the back of international women’s day this last weekend, let me talk to you about solo women’s travel. The female travelling community seems to be roughly split on this. Half are comfortable with taking off by themselves and half hold themselves back, waiting for the perfect travel partner to […]

Do you actually need a man to lift your suitcases?