Best Of

  There are many facets of this blog and the posts I share. I think and hope that it is that reason that you, the reader, are here and find it profitable and interesting to read and follow. But why do I write? Where do posts come from and why […]

Why do I write? / Welcome to the blog!

Italy, that great love of mine. My travel bug first began when I was 15 and decided that I wanted to go to Italy on an exchange program. My mother was all for most of this plan but suggested that perhaps I would prefer to go Ireland where we had […]

Where am I?

      “Home is where the heart is set in stone, is where you go when you’re alone, is where you go to rest your bones. It’s not just where you lay your head, it’s not just where you make your bed.”        I am feeling melancholic. This […]


Happy Australia Day everyone! I LOVE our national day. I like it better than my birthday and it is a tough call between it and Christmas that I don’t want to have to make. Unfortunately this year will be my worst Australia day hands down, this is partially because all […]


The next part of my Italian, hand gestures   I’ve been hanging out in Monfumo for about 2 months now so I thought I’d update you on how my Italian is going. The short version is…. average. The long version goes like this- Now I can understand what is being […]

Learning a language 2.

Mother and Daughter at Sacre Coeur For my recent trip to Paris with Mum I made us an itinerary (which is proof that I can actually be organised if I want to be). I made it because there was so much we wanted to fit in that it actually needed […]

It’s Your holiday, do it Your way

It is my utmost belief that everybody needs a Claire in their life. I am lucky enough to have a Claire already and it has come to my attention just how indispensable she is. Maybe you already have a Claire in your world lucky you!) but are wondering how you […]


As part of my job here Au-Pairing, I take the eldest child to school each morning and pick him up in the evening. Because of this I have a car that is mine to use as I like during the day. Which is great because around here the only public […]

La Sciagura

I am in Italy for the winter. Through the cold dark months coming up I will be with a family, helping to teach them English. And, I hope to pick up Italian. Of course its not just through osmosis that I hope to learn, I have a few different programs […]

Learning a Language

I’m a travel professional, didn’t you know? I do professional things, like in the last few days I have both a) placed my big suitcase in front of the doors of the train, sat down and filled my lap with random things to organize so that I was unable to […]

Travel Professional