C-    ‘So. What do you want to do in New York?’ G- ‘Hang out with you and Claire? I really haven’t thought of anything else.’     I went to New York with zero expectations. It was my second time there and the first time in 2012 Claire […]

A slow kind of holiday

  Rolling hills in California Driving through the different states I noticed a definite change in scenery each day. Driving out of California was yellowed rolling farmland dotted with trees, often eucalypts. I thought it looked a lot like the drive from Sydney to Canberra. Once we got to Nevada […]

America – Part 2

Howdy Y’all! 😀 I’m back from my road trip across America and excited to tell you about it! It was mostly a really relaxing trip, just coasting the roads and reconnecting with friends. We did of course mix some sightseeing in as well but it was nothing compared to past […]

Back from America!