Aran Islands – The Aran Islands are my absolute favorite thing in Ireland. They are off the coast of Galway, just close enough for a day trip from the city and they are 3 islands that have broken off the mainland a very long time ago. The area that they […]

What not to miss in Ireland

The drive from Dublin to Clonmel is always one filled with tension for me. In the 4 hours that it takes I sit rigid in my seat, excitement building in the base of my throat. Music is my only distraction whilst I watch the sun go down and the landscape roll […]

A quick trip to Ireland

With St Patrick’s Day tomorrow, thoughts all over the world turn towards the emerald isle. Ireland is so universally loved that once a year people in English speaking countries all around the world don green and claim Irish heritage and the right to sit in a pub and drink loudly […]

Green in my eyes