I can’t seem to step out my door lately without being led to something new. Which is awesome! First, what could have been a very average night at a kids Rotary event on Saturday (I really just needed to get out of the house) turned into a night of spritzes, […]

Adventure Time

“Those people look extremely cold for such a sunny day” I said from the safety of the car as we drove in to Trieste last Saturday. The car display said it was 15 degrees outside, which is warm compared to what it has been lately so I was confused why […]

A day in Trieste

Italy, that great love of mine. My travel bug first began when I was 15 and decided that I wanted to go to Italy on an exchange program. My mother was all for most of this plan but suggested that perhaps I would prefer to go Ireland where we had […]

Where am I?

Carnevale in Venice has been on my ‘must do’ list for quite some time (remember this?) So when I got my position au-pairing in Veneto I knew that making in for the festival would be one of my priorities. The 31st of January marked the start of the festivities and […]

Where anything goes!

As part of my job here Au-Pairing, I take the eldest child to school each morning and pick him up in the evening. Because of this I have a car that is mine to use as I like during the day. Which is great because around here the only public […]

La Sciagura

  Rome site has been quiet this start of season. With 5 days off looming we wondered how we would fill our time. Cheeky trip to Sorrento anyone? We is me and Laura, the other crew on site with me. After checking with our boss, the day of departure rose […]

The Amalfi Coast

Where can you find gypsy children busking, a Chaplain to His Holiness, and beautiful couples draped over one and other breathing deeply, asleep? On Italian public transport of course. This weekend I took a trip from Rome, down the coast to Naples and Sorrento. A trip that was expected to […]

Roads (and train lines) to Rome

The islands of Murano and Burano have been on my ‘to do’ list of Venice for years now. Somehow I have never been organized enough to make it to them and stories of how long it took scared me off as well. However the realization at the end of last […]

Burano and Torcello

Some things just go together automatically. Amsterdam and bikes, Rome and Pasta, Barcelona and Flamenco. When you travel around you discover that there is good reason that these things and places are joined in the minds of so many. It is because when you go to Amsterdam you can’t help […]

The Red Garter