What else can you do in London without breaking the bank? Some really fun experiences are waiting for under ₤10! Food – Brunch in Kensington – I have spent a few of my visits to the city staying in Kensington and discovered some great brunch spots, just near to the […]

London without the penny pinching

  I’ve just had a week in London. I went into it with mixed feelings – London can be a slightly overwhelming city. It is so huge, so expensive and has so many different facets to it that it can be easy to get confused as to what to do. […]

London for Free!

London, in my opinion, does not immediately lend itself to brunch. Brunch is a very important meal, mostly found on weekends and holidays between the hours of 10 and 12 and is one of the few meals where both sweet and savory are welcomed to the table at the same […]

Brunch in London

It took me three days of searching to realize what Laura had told me in the first few minutes. ‘You are searching for a wallet that went out of fashion 3 years ago’. I’m not a big shopper. I love a good browse but you will rarely find me with actual […]

Shopping in London

London is colder than I had even imagined.Wrapped in my four layers of new clothing that I had tested at home and had made me sweat on that 26 degree day that now seems like an age ago, dressed in those same clothes today I was shivering. Wondering where in […]

First day in London