The first thing that struck me were Lisbon’s streets. They are thin. Busy with side walks, tram lines and cars. The pastel and patterned buildings rise high and close making the streets claustrophobic at some times and like a maze at all others. The streets rise up and then down […]

For the love of Lisbon

Day 4: Yesterday, I had plans for going diving today. But due to allergies I mentioned before I thought it best not to go as I wasn’t sure I would be able to equalize with my blocked nose. From all I saw of the possible dive sites around all of […]

Malta – Part 3 – Going gaga for Gozo!

Day 3: I was excited for this day. On my trip to the information office I had found a huge number of brochures on different walks to do all over the islands. Some to see windmills, some to see beaches and some to see ruins. I narrowed it down to […]

Malta part 2 – Walking Comino!

    Planning my trip to Malta came about after using skyscanner to find out what the cheapest flights leaving Rome were. I crossed off places I had been before and places that were going to be colder than Rome and came up with Malta! Just an hours flight south, […]

Malta – Part 1

  C-    ‘So. What do you want to do in New York?’ G- ‘Hang out with you and Claire? I really haven’t thought of anything else.’     I went to New York with zero expectations. It was my second time there and the first time in 2012 Claire […]

A slow kind of holiday

London, in my opinion, does not immediately lend itself to brunch. Brunch is a very important meal, mostly found on weekends and holidays between the hours of 10 and 12 and is one of the few meals where both sweet and savory are welcomed to the table at the same […]

Brunch in London

I can’t seem to step out my door lately without being led to something new. Which is awesome! First, what could have been a very average night at a kids Rotary event on Saturday (I really just needed to get out of the house) turned into a night of spritzes, […]

Adventure Time

  Paris is always a good idea. Or so I’m told by Audrey Hepburn. Paris was my first taste of the European continent when I was 16 years old. My art class at the school I was attending in Ireland had an optional excursion for 5 days and it was […]

Paris is always a good idea

“Those people look extremely cold for such a sunny day” I said from the safety of the car as we drove in to Trieste last Saturday. The car display said it was 15 degrees outside, which is warm compared to what it has been lately so I was confused why […]

A day in Trieste

Italy, that great love of mine. My travel bug first began when I was 15 and decided that I wanted to go to Italy on an exchange program. My mother was all for most of this plan but suggested that perhaps I would prefer to go Ireland where we had […]

Where am I?