In Italy a croissant is called a ‘Cornetto’ and is (in my opinion) the perfect way to start your day, the morning is also the only time of the day that you can order a cappuccino and not be judged as a tourist for it, after this it’s espresso only […]

One day in… Rome

It is a well known fact that no-one (except the English) enjoy lining up. But when touristing around Europe, waiting in lines is the unfortunate downside to ticking off must see items in many countries. If you are in the know then there are often ways of jumping the queue […]

Hot tips on the Colosseum

Where can you find gypsy children busking, a Chaplain to His Holiness, and beautiful couples draped over one and other breathing deeply, asleep? On Italian public transport of course. This weekend I took a trip from Rome, down the coast to Naples and Sorrento. A trip that was expected to […]

Roads (and train lines) to Rome

Do you love travel porn? I don’t mean nude shots taken in exotic countries; I mean pictures of landscapes that can keep you clicking ‘next’ for hours, Articles on tiny towns in European destinations that make you forget the world around you. “Rolling hills? Mist in the valleys? Fire lit […]

Travel Porn