Alana at the Castillo de Gilbralfaro, Malgala, Spain Hello! Who are you? Alana, 21, Student, Likes; Reading, Photography & Travel What do you travel for? To see new places, meet new people…expand my horizons! Last destination visited? Canterbury, Kent to visit a friend that is in college there. Hotel or […]

Travel Questionnaire – Alana

Do you love travel porn? I don’t mean nude shots taken in exotic countries; I mean pictures of landscapes that can keep you clicking ‘next’ for hours, Articles on tiny towns in European destinations that make you forget the world around you. “Rolling hills? Mist in the valleys? Fire lit […]

Travel Porn

·         Hello!Who are you? Hi, I’m Michelle, Gemma’s Mum.  Her wanderlust may be due to me encouraging her to leave home.   I’m a busy MD of a Training company, so I like my holidays to be easy to organise at present.  I really love lots of fresh air (avoiding tourist […]

Travel Questionnaire – Michelle

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·         Hello! Who are you? Konichiwa, I’m  Nicky, I’m 21 and I work for a youth service organisation that provides programs for disadvantaged and marginalised youth. I love playing with kids, travelling to foreign countries, movies with my Mamma and humus. ·         What do you travel for? Adventure. Education. Experience. […]

Travel Questionnaire – Nicky

  Costa Rica   ·         Hello! Who are you? Hola! My name is Kezia; I am 21 and a Masters student. I love to travel, read, pick/steal flowers, daydream, dance, anything Spanish, chocolate, turron, really any sort of sweet. I also love history and inspiring quotes. ·         What do you […]

Travel Questionnaire – Kezia

In my head I have a list. It doesn’t have any particular order and it gets added to all the time, when I flick through the newspaper or find new blogs to follow and especially when I read books and watch movies. It’s a list of where I want to go, what […]

Travel Inspiration

  Relaxing in Cinque Terra Hello! Who are you? Hi, I’m Gemma, I’m 21 and I work at the Westin Hotel as a Service Express Agent (I answer your calls and ensure that your stay runs smoothly and to your expectations). I like to travel! I also love reading and doing crafty projects. ● […]

Travel Questionnaire -Gemma