Reviews and Resolutions

2016 was an odd year for me. The two defining facets of the year were polar opposites. Good and Bad. Happy and Sad. Uplifting and Depressing.   And they began one day after the other in January.   I came home to Sydney on the 9th of Jan this year […]

2016 – a round up.

  And here we come, to the end of another amazing year. 2015 has had so many surprises and new experiences throughout it that it feels as if I crammed more than one year in to the 365 days! It started off quietly enough with me ringing in the new year […]

2015 a round up

  3 years ago now I wrote two posts, one about the Aurora Borealis and wanting to see it in Iceland and the other about the Faroe Islands and the strange reason I am interested in them. Well finally these destinations I have been dreaming about are going to become […]

Making dreams happen!

Looking back over last year’s wish list of destinations I have been pleased to see that I managed to achieve visiting many of the places I wanted to see. Poland, Dubrovnik, more of Italy and all of the counties in the Red Star Special. Some still remain to be discovered […]

Dream Destinations for 2015

If 2013 was the year I never saw coming, then 2014 was the year I looked forward to with huge anticipation and many many expectations. It more than exceeded them. This year I got to take part in 3 trips, 2 sites and one festival. My favorite trip of the season – […]

2014 Round Up

2013 was the year I never saw coming. I didn’t know the company that would change my life existed until just 2 months before I joined them. Not only has Topdeck taken me on a whirlwind year of new places and new experiences but it has also caused me to […]

Reviews and resolutions

In my head I have a list. It doesn’t have any particular order and it gets added to all the time, when I flick through the newspaper or find new blogs to follow and especially when I read books and watch movies. It’s a list of where I want to go, what […]

Travel Inspiration