Do not work for Topdeck, I beg of you. Don’t do it to yourself.   My brother will sometimes say to me of a certain CD that he is playing repeatedly that it is his ‘crack cocaine’. Well, maybe Topdeck is mine. I find myself only a month out of […]

A Warning

Coming in to Berlin we visited the soviet monument at Treptow park. We were the first there and as we waited coach after coach pulled in behind us. There were going to be 8 groups all together in Berlin and the convoy had begun in Dresden. The plan was that during […]

The last leg

In Venice I made a quick dinner of gnocchi with a creamy mushroom and bacon sauce and a communal starter of cheese with caramelized walnuts. I had no idea who was working on site there and was thrilled to find out that both Laura’s and Stevie were there. That night […]

We went to Oktoberfest! Almost.

I did go in to Pisa.The rain was bucketing down but I had my raincoat and we just walked fast and got on with it. We dropped the passengers off at the field of miracles and Erin and I went for Pizza and wine and long talks about Topdeck. Pisa […]

Bravo Italia

This morning I woke quite disorientated and stumbled around the room trying to find a light in the pitch black. This often happens in Lauterbrunnen because their rooms are light tight and I always wake up thinking ‘where am I?’ It comes from moving so much, I have to lie […]

Pleased to introduce – Fabio

I have just finished my third and last trip for the year and it has ended on such a high. My second season with Topdeck has given me a lot of new experiences and it felt nice to end the season with a trip I have done before and on […]

Camping makes you sexy

The night out in Jyvaskyla was fun. We bussed into the city and walked up to a bar that seemed very local. Dark music and sketchy Finnish characters. Quite a few rounds went down there until the first game of the soccer world cup started at 11pm and a bunch […]

Everything good must come to an end…

6/6 After a phenomenal train ride (actually classed as one of the finest in Europe), I got to join my passengers in Andalsnes. I got off after 6 hours on the train and in the car park a big old guy came up to me calling ‘Topdeck!'( a surprisingly regular […]

Troll’s Pass, my birthday and the Arctic Circle

3/6 Well it did get much prettier on the drive. Wildflowers were everywhere and the woods pressed closer and closer on either side of us, so many fresh green trees  that looked excited to be there. The flowers looked like foxgloves I think. Purples varying their hue through magenta and down to the lightest of […]

From Oslo to Andalsnes – Or how I came to ...