Site Stories

Rome’s newest site manager is Rozie. She got here 3 weeks ago now and made herself indispensable pretty quickly. This. Girl. Can. Cook. Midnight feasts of tahini, polenta, mushrooms and spinach? Lunches of lasagna as red as the wine she liberally poured in to the pot and thick with herbs […]

Meet Rozie, our newest site manager

I’ve been at Rome site for 2 weeks now and it is the perfect way to ease myself back in to the Topdeck season. We may have cold mornings and evenings, but at our site in Switzerland, they had snow. Not as many trips come through Rome site as the […]

Rome is where the heart is – what are we ...

Where can you find gypsy children busking, a Chaplain to His Holiness, and beautiful couples draped over one and other breathing deeply, asleep? On Italian public transport of course. This weekend I took a trip from Rome, down the coast to Naples and Sorrento. A trip that was expected to […]

Roads (and train lines) to Rome

It came to the end of the season last year and my boss asked if anyone had photos of the meals they had been cooking. I realized that I hadn’t taken any pictures of my meals at all, which I think shows a mix of a lack of time and a […]

What we’ve been cooking

It feels like forever, but it has only been 3 months that I have been back in Australia. Since coming home (give or take a few weeks when I was busy soaking up my homeland) I have been hanging out to hear when Topdeck wanted me back in Europe. The other […]

Back to Venice!