Training Trip

Topdeck training trips are starting again next month and I have had a few people asking me for tips and suggestions on how to prepare for them. In my opinion there are 3 main things that will lead you to not perform as well as you could on training. 1. Being […]

Tips for surviving Topdeck training trip

When we got to Tyrol in Austria, some of us got a huge treat. Our names were drawn out of a hat to experience one of the optionals that passengers partake in on trips. One person skydived. 3 went paragliding and a big bunch of us got to canyon. I […]

Things to remember from Training Trip. 3

The low in Antibes – In Antibes, barely 3 weeks into our training I had my breaking moment with tears and sobbed calls back home in the middle of the night. Plans were made to fly out of Florence and back to the Netherlands where I would find some sort […]

Things to remember from Training Trip. 2

As I know I have mentioned before, the Topdeck training trip was the hardest thing I have done. Physically and mentally it put me to the test. What got me through was the end goal and the people I was with. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Applications for the next […]

Things to remember from Training Trip. 1

  Our grand tour of Italy included Florence, Rome and Venice with day stops in Pisa and Orvieto. Pisa was our first stop, although the chefs spent the whole time in an amazing supermarket on the outskirts and only made it in so far as the coach park. Apparently this […]

Training Trip part 4

On our second day in Barcelona I was cook of the day. What I may not have explained is that for each day we had a crew of the day when a driver, chef and TL were selected to run the day. Chefs got to know in advance so that […]

Training Trip part 3

       In sum up of Paris, I learnt that Charlemagne was “so big he could mount his horse from behind” that at the Paris opera, “to your left, you can see boobs” that it is possible to fall asleep standing up, and that I had never been properly cold before. […]

Training Trip part 2

Hi there! My name’s Gemma. You may remember me from 8 weeks ago when I was last on social media. For all those that don’t know, I have been on an intensive training trip for the last month and a half around Europe. The company is Topdeck, a name that […]

Training Trip part 1