Travel Tips

You still use your parents address to fill out forms – you are never anywhere long enough to have your own. You only read books about travel. Guide books can be bed time reading to you. Your walls have maps on them. Of places you’ve been and places you want to go and […]

20 signs you are addicted to travel!

I have done a bit of travelling and I feel like I have covered my share of long haul flights. I have no love for long haul flights but regular <6hrs flights I do actually enjoy! If you live a busy life, a plane trip can be a good excuse […]

Why you shouldn’t fly

   “We just sort of wandered around all day, then got bored so we came back to the campsite”.   “I had such a big night, I couldn’t even get up the next morning!”   “I spent half the day waiting for a doctor to prescribe me some antibiotics” […]

How to make the most from your group tour

  The dream for anyone with a severe case of the travel bug is to be able to work and move at the same time. For many of us the only thing that keeps us returning to the country we hold a passport for is the need to make more […]

So you want to work whilst travelling….

It is a well known fact that no-one (except the English) enjoy lining up. But when touristing around Europe, waiting in lines is the unfortunate downside to ticking off must see items in many countries. If you are in the know then there are often ways of jumping the queue […]

Hot tips on the Colosseum

Disclaimer! I didn’t write any of this, I was reading the Sydney Morning Herald’s Travel section (an activity I am greatly going to miss) when I sprung across this article on the seven deadly sins of travel and I loved it! Written by seven different authors, each sin is something […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Travel

A young and very attractive lady was dining alone on a cruise. It had been noted that she often dined alone and one night a waiter approached her whilst she was sitting at her dining table. He had a note from the captain requesting that she join him for dinner […]

Dining Solo

Walk around. Walk slowly and walk in places you haven’t been before. Take a different route home, to the shops or to lunch. Stop. Stop in front of buildings you have always walked past and look up. Notice how the clouds reflect off the glass and how when they race […]

Discover your home town.

When I went backpacking last winter in Europe with a friend, I spent about $2000 in two months, not including the airfares to get there. We visited 7 countries and 12 cities in this time and did everything at a fairly relaxed pace. When they hear how we did it […]

How to travel on the (super) cheap!