2015 a round up


In Monfumo I took time to myself and got back to nature.


And here we come, to the end of another amazing year. 2015 has had so many surprises and new experiences throughout it that it feels as if I crammed more than one year in to the 365 days!

It started off quietly enough with me ringing in the new year with my Mum in Florence and I stayed in  Italy (the love of my life) for almost 3 more months before starting possibly my most restless year yet. I calculated my total ‘moves’ this year and on average I changed location once every 4 nights!

In Italy I was given the opportunity to try my hand at teaching English. I spent a term teaching 14 year olds at a local school – something I had never really thought of doing before but that I really enjoyed.


Venice Carnivale

I also got to tick off one of my bucket list items when I went to the Venice Carnivale for the day. It was a glorious day and I ran out of battery on two devices taking pictures left right and center.

From Italy I flew to New York to meet up with my best friend and spend some cold ‘edge of winter’ days hopping from one bar to another.


An of course photo shoots on the Brooklyn Bridge

In late March I began back with Topdeck, starting my season with 6 weeks at the Rome campsite (with a holiday of 5 days in Malta in the middle) before diving in to my first trip of the season and one I had been looking forward to for a long time! The European Adventure was 34 days long and covered 17 countries. As per usual my crew made it an amazing even during some really trying times.


Amanda and I in Budapest

My friend Claire whom I had been visiting in New York also got married during this trip which was the best news I could have hoped for when she called me one hot evening in Vienna. I was invited to speak at their wedding party later in the year.

I had 2 weeks off in June so I hopped over to Portuagal for some sun, sand and relaxation before starting two back to back tours.


Vitamin D in Portugal!

The Red Star Special was much easier the second time around and as always the easygoing, helpful and fun passengers made it a treat to be on. My crew went alright too 😉 and together we danced our way around Scandinavia. Is there any better way to work?


On top of the world with my crew members in Norway.

Straight from that in to the Europe Inspired which took me to some new destinations and coincidently lined up with some cool events like the Perseid Shower (meteorite shower) in Pag Island Croatia, Sziget music festival in Budapest and a Perogi festival in Krakow!


At Sziget

This wrapped up my season with Topdeck and at the start of September I went to Ireland for some serious R&R for 6 weeks. My downtime involved lots of walks, tea, cooking, movies and long time overdue catchups.


A day at the beach in Kinsale.

After a trip to London for the Topdeck crew conference I started on some months of serious travelling. First up a road trip starting in Romania and continuing around the Balkans. I can’t wait to put up pictures of this one!


Escaping into the wilds of Romania

I flew from Sofia, Bulgaria to Reykjavik to meet up with my Dad for some Scandinavian adventures for the next month, including my first cruise and a sighting of the Northern Lights!


With Dad in Geneva.

I left him in Amsterdam and met a school friend, Annie, and we continued to explore northern Europe. This time without any snow, a massive disspointment to Annie.


Riding bikes with Annie in Amsterdam.

I left Europe at the start of December from Copenhagen and flew to New York for the festive season and to attend my friend’s wedding party. I am writing this from the newly wed’s apartment as we wind down from a very hectic few weeks of planning, organising and running various events for the holidays.

In just a few days I will be flying back to Sydney and I just hope that the change in temperature doesn’t shock my body too much!

The year in numbers –

5 times in Copenhagen – my most visited city for the year.

8 trips total completed with Topdeck.

11 new countries visited.

21 months away from Australia.

46 total countries visited.

96 times packing up my suitcase and moving somewhere new.

120ish new passengers met.

Thousands of memories made.


2015 has been a golden year. 2016 – come at me!




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