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3 years ago now I wrote two posts, one about the Aurora Borealis and wanting to see it in Iceland and the other about the Faroe Islands and the strange reason I am interested in them.

Well finally these destinations I have been dreaming about are going to become a reality. My Dad, who has never been to Europe (the UK and Ireland don’t really count) has just booked tickets to meet me in Reykjavik in November this year. We are in the process of booking a crazy northern trip to ridiculously out of the way Norwegian towns (Kirkenes), centers of culture and style like Copenhagen and Oslo, stunning cruises and train rides and of course Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

I am so excited, even more because this is something we have discussed for years and years. Dad keeps laughing at the strange names of places we will visit, at the wild temperatures and at the fact that there will be so little light and I can hear that he is just as excited as me.

By November it will have been 19 months since I saw him last and so that in itself is something to look forward to!

My parents have both asked me before, am I really un-cool to be traveling with my parents? I told them no, I am so excited to discover new things with people I love so much. Stay tuned as bookings get made and the trip of a lifetime (or at least year) gets created!

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