Travel Questionnaire – Alana

Alana at the Castillo de Gilbralfaro, Malgala, Spain

Hello! Who are you?
Alana, 21, Student, Likes; Reading, Photography & Travel

What do you travel for?
To see new places, meet new people…expand my horizons!

Last destination visited?
Canterbury, Kent to visit a friend that is in college there.

Hotel or Hostel? 
Hostel is the cheap effective option and a great way to meet people…but if you have cash to spare hotel is the way to go.

Favourite destinations?
Anywhere in Spain really but the region of Andalucía in particular…also Madrid & Barcelona.

Travel good luck charm?

Packing ritual?
Always done in advance, last minute packing is a disaster but I usually end up repacking several times regardless.

Destination you will not return to? Why?  
Fortunately I haven’t encountered one yet!

Destinations you dream about.
In general I would like to travel outside of Europe but in particular I would love to travel across South America but of course to the USA and Australia as well.

Must have in your carry-on luggage.
Music and a good book.

The best meal you have had away.
Hard to say but there was great food in Crete when I visited there, very fresh, healthy and tasty. I also LOVED tapas in Spain, small portions of delicious food.

Favourite travel quote.
“Not all those who wander are lost.” — J. R. R. Tolkien

How do you survive the flight?  
I read or listen to music and hopefully fit in a nap to pass some time!

That one travel story that you have told a million times, and will keep on telling.
Any story from my Erasmus (European exchange) semester in Granada, Spain. I think I will be talking about it forever!
What souvenir do you bring back?
I usually always bring back postcards to decorate my room with or little trinket souvenirs to remind me of each place.



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