Travel Questionnaire – Nicky

·         Hello! Who are you?

Konichiwa, I’m  Nicky, I’m 21 and I work for a youth service organisation that provides programs for disadvantaged and marginalised youth. I love playing with kids, travelling to foreign countries, movies with my Mamma and humus.
·         What do you travel for?
Adventure. Education. Experience. Meeting new people. Food. To get away.
·         Last destination visited?
Byron Bay and Mullumbimby. I went to visit my second family and celebrate a 50th birthday.
·         Hotel or Hostel? Why?
Depends on what type of travelling you are doing. But my all time preference would be a hostel. Get to meet new people and experience more of the ‘travelling’ culture. A lot of fun times have been spent in hostels for me, and a lot of funny stories surround hostel experiences.
·         Favourite destinations.
I loved travelling in Japan, had a fantastic trip travelling solo. I really like Western Australia for a chilled out holiday with sun, surf and sand. I want to go back to Thailand and experience more, had only a short time over there. New York is next on my list!
·         Travel good luck charm?
Mmm… don’t really have one. I guess my trusty Katmandu backpack. And I usually always have a battered Lonely Planet stuffed in there somewhere.
·         Packing ritual?
Last minute! Always. I can never pack in advance – I analyse and think too much about what I’m taking. And I always make lists. A list for my big bag and a list for my carry on. The only way to pack!
·         Destination you will not return to? Why?
I don’t really have one. I don’t believe in the saying ‘I’d try anything once’. I prefer instead ‘I’d try anything twice’. First time might be a dud experience for a number of reasons. I’d give something a second shot and then if that fails maybe I wouldn’t return, but that hasn’t happened to me yet.
·         Destinations you dream about.
New York! The big bright lights of New York City. Hopefully that is my next destination in the near future.
·         Must have in your carry-on luggage.
A map.
·         The best meal you have had away.
Sooo many to choose from! From my recent trip to China, I had the most far-out-amazing dumplings! And a bowl of shaved ice and sweet bean topping the size of my head for desert! A fantastic meal!
·         How do you survive the flight?
I can never sleep unless I have a whole row of seats to myself, which I have been lucky enough to have a few times. Otherwise I usually watch a lot of movies, or I daydream about my upcoming destination.
·         That one travel story that you have told a million times, and will keep on telling.
Hahahaha the time a group of friends and I were in Scotland and were trying to figure out the train lines. We were on the right platform, boarded our train when it arrived, settled with our million heavy backpacks into our seats and brought out our lunch eager to eat. Looking up at the screen to contemplate how many stops until we had to get off, I realised our station did not appear on the screen and after much discussion and with the whistle blowing signalling the train was about to depart we shoved our food back into the containers and scrambled off the train as the doors were closing. We landed in a heap of bags, sushi, arms and legs on the platform while the train departed the station. That was close! We consulted the monitors – we had been on the correct platform. What happened? We waited of the next train and tried again. This time, we got on, sat down and the train had departed before we realised we were again on the wrong train and piled off at the next possible stop to catch another train back to our original destination where we got off and stormed up to the station guards pissed off! What was going on! The guards explained – we were on the right platform yes, but each platform has two trains. The train at the front and the train at the back. We had been getting the train at the back of the platform and we needed to get on the front train. To us, it looked like all one train. Finally we boarded the correct train and many hours later, arrived at the station we needed to be at. Confusion!
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