5 Instagram accounts to help you travel vicariously!

Instagram’s great isn’t it? It is an easy way to breath a little bit of beauty into your day. There are so many Instagrammers posting stunning travel photos, showing off destinations and teaching you a little about a culture that every day you can take some time out to refresh your dreams of moving even if you are stuck in an office.

Here are 5 of my favorite people to follow on Instagram – go forth and invite their pictures into your day!

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Seattlestravels – Seattle Dredge

Seattle (her real name) is from Toronto, Canada and is a full time travel blogger. Her photo’s shift between snow, sea and forest and are almost always in glorious wild outdoor settings. For a taste of wildness and adventure, this girl is your best inspiration.

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Galadarling – Gala Darling

Gala is a gal from New Zealand uprooted and now fully at home in New York. Whilst she isn’t strictly a travel blogger (as she tells it, she is devoted to helping women fall in love with themselves) she sure does move about a lot! In the last month alone her photos have taken me from her home in New York to Miami, LA and Las Vegas all with exactly the amount of glitter that had been previously missing from my life. For adventures who like to travel in style, this woman will be your mentor.

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Worldwanderlust – Brooke Saward

Brooke is a young Australian girl who’s blog www.worldofwanderlust.com took her on an incredible journey starting last year and this year isn’t looking like slowing down for her. Warning, she changes location so often that it may make you dizzy from wherever you are following but the colours and scenes that she captures will make sure that you don’t look away.

IMG_2418 (3)

Martinaostsjo – Martina Ostsjo

Martina is a friend of mine, we trained together for Topdeck (she as a trip leader) along with Kendell below. Martina is Swedish and on her recent trip to India her classic Scandinavian looks were quite a novelty to the locals she met. Martina captures details and people in a really personal way and she is a prolific poster so you will really experience every trip with her!

IMG_2419 (2)

Travelbeneaththissky – Kendell Bentley

As I said above, Kendell is a friend who works for Topdeck as a trip leader. Her pictures give a quick insight into the many destinations she has been and often include some quirky facts about the place. She is just about to leave the shores of her homeland of Australia and head back to Europe so get on board and follow her as she starts jetting off again.

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