And here we come, to the end of another amazing year. 2015 has had so many surprises and new experiences throughout it that it feels as if I crammed more than one year in to the 365 days! It started off quietly enough with me ringing in the new year […]

2015 a round up

    Hola! Wake yourself up this morning with a coffee and a pastry from any of the cafes around the city. If you can find them, try some Xuixos (pronounced ‘shoo shoo’) they are native to a city just above Barcelona and their light crispy outsides are filled with crema Catalana […]

One day in … Barcelona!

In Italy a croissant is called a ‘Cornetto’ and is (in my opinion) the perfect way to start your day, the morning is also the only time of the day that you can order a cappuccino and not be judged as a tourist for it, after this it’s espresso only […]

One day in… Rome

So, you have one chance, one opportunity, one day. To seize everything you’ve ever wanted from Budapest. How are you going to set up your day? Here are my suggestions for what to do with just one day in this beautiful city! Start your day marveling at Hero’s Square – […]

One day in … Budapest

Aran Islands – The Aran Islands are my absolute favorite thing in Ireland. They are off the coast of Galway, just close enough for a day trip from the city and they are 3 islands that have broken off the mainland a very long time ago. The area that they […]

What not to miss in Ireland

What does Ireland mean to me?   Family without blood and a definite sense of belonging.     This comes from being in a place where the surroundings call out to me. Purple wild mountains, tamed green fields, dark forests and noisy rivers. A ruin around every bend. Clear sharp […]

Missing Ireland

  What else can you do in London without breaking the bank? Some really fun experiences are waiting for under ₤10! Food – Brunch in Kensington – I have spent a few of my visits to the city staying in Kensington and discovered some great brunch spots, just near to the […]

London without the penny pinching

  I’ve just had a week in London. I went into it with mixed feelings – London can be a slightly overwhelming city. It is so huge, so expensive and has so many different facets to it that it can be easy to get confused as to what to do. […]

London for Free!

   “We just sort of wandered around all day, then got bored so we came back to the campsite”.   “I had such a big night, I couldn’t even get up the next morning!”   “I spent half the day waiting for a doctor to prescribe me some antibiotics” […]

How to make the most from your group tour

  The Red Star Special is in my personal opinion, the best trip in the brochure. You get all the great bonding experiences that come from a camping trip, living in each others pockets, eating outside, great campsites for playing sport and taking walks as well as of course the […]

The best trip in the brochure