Bec played a game with our passengers called ‘Fish of Fortune! whilst we were in Stockholm. At the supermarket we had sourced plenty of fish related delicacies. Tuna, Smoked Salmon, Prawns, Clams, Fishermens Friend – and Surstromming. For those of you not familiar with it, surstromming is Baltic sea […]

Would you care for a fermented fish?

Getting to work with two amazing crew members. Working and playing with Maciej and Amanda every day was a privileged and a pleasure. They are always full of positive energy, enthusiasm and know how. I miss you both.     The passengers who shaped the trips. I had passengers ask me […]

Highlights of the European Adventure

I think that everyone harbours a fantasy that they should have lived in a time gone by. It might be as recent as the swinging 60’s that you feel connected to, or it might be as far back as the times of the Romans that calls to your soul. I […]

Sintra, King for a day!

  Done. Finished. Kaput.   I am currently dusting my hands off and stretching out after the last of my trips for the year. No more trips, no more site work and no more Topdeck.   At this exact moment, I am so excited by this prospect. The ability to […]

The end of the season is upon us

The first thing that struck me were Lisbon’s streets. They are thin. Busy with side walks, tram lines and cars. The pastel and patterned buildings rise high and close making the streets claustrophobic at some times and like a maze at all others. The streets rise up and then down […]

For the love of Lisbon

  This was always going to be a great trip. Firstly it is the first trip of my 3rd season, I have been looking forward to being back on the road ever since I got off my last trip 8 months ago! Secondly, it is a trip that I haven’t […]

The trip I’ve been waiting for

The jump seat is that little seat next to the driver that you hardly notice as you enter the coach. It folds up like a cinema seat and is often the spot where the trip leader spends his or her days using the wide dashboard as an office desk and […]

Jumping in the Jump Seat

  “Crew – A group of people who work closely together”   How close can you get with someone that you work with? When I worked in an office it was usual to separate work from play and people at work knew me in a different way than the people […]

Crew Love

Rome’s newest site manager is Rozie. She got here 3 weeks ago now and made herself indispensable pretty quickly. This. Girl. Can. Cook. Midnight feasts of tahini, polenta, mushrooms and spinach? Lunches of lasagna as red as the wine she liberally poured in to the pot and thick with herbs […]

Meet Rozie, our newest site manager

  3 years ago now I wrote two posts, one about the Aurora Borealis and wanting to see it in Iceland and the other about the Faroe Islands and the strange reason I am interested in them. Well finally these destinations I have been dreaming about are going to become […]

Making dreams happen!