Meet Rozie, our newest site manager


Rome’s newest site manager is Rozie. She got here 3 weeks ago now and made herself indispensable pretty quickly. This. Girl. Can. Cook.

Midnight feasts of tahini, polenta, mushrooms and spinach? Lunches of lasagna as red as the wine she liberally poured in to the pot and thick with herbs and cheese? Desserts with the simple name of ‘chocolate and kahlua pie’? Her talents do not stop at food though, she makes a mean coconut mojito. No wonder she has every crew member wishing that they didn’t have to depart after 2 nights!

I follow recipes where she follows her wealth of knowledge that comes from 15 years in kitchens back home.

Home is western Sydney, in fact she worked in the same suburb I am from! As the eldest of a large family she comes with maternal instincts and the desire to see everyone fed and fed well!

This is Rozie’s first time to Europe and in the whirlwind that is training trip she was introduced to cities like London and Paris and small towns like Wemeldinge and Lauterbrunnen. Now she is in Rome for 2 months and so far her favourite thing is seeing the new faces of the passengers everyday and being welcomed in to the Topdeck family by all the crew she has met. And cooking those delicious lunches of course!

Want to taste Rozie’s cooking? She is going to be moving around Europe this season with time in Venice and Lauterbrunnen to look forward to later in the year. For now, get yourself to Rome site tent for a cheeky vino and the best meal you’ve had in weeks!

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