Rome is where the heart is – what are we up to on site?

I’ve been at Rome site for 2 weeks now and it is the perfect way to ease myself back in to the Topdeck season. We may have cold mornings and evenings, but at our site in Switzerland, they had snow. Not as many trips come through Rome site as the others, especially Paris which caters to the hotel as well as hostel trips! And we only cook dinner for the trips on one day of their stay, on the other they go in to the city to sample whatever delights they can find there, in Venice they are cooking 2 different meals, one for each night the groups are in.

So all up Rome has a lot of positives. I could keep going with more like the lovely bar staff we work sided by side with or that the city itself never runs out of delights to discover but I’m sure you get the picture.

I am here with Christie and our site manager Rozie. Rozie has just arrived and for the weeks before she came Christie and I were cleaning and setting up the kitchen for the new season as well as getting in to the swing of things with the first few dinners.

The dinner here is delicious and Italian (of course!) The groups get to start off with a mixed tomato bruschetta with plenty of basil and garlic. The mains are a Risotto primavera gooey with taleggio cheese as well as a chicken dish with a sauce made with sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, olives and capsicum that is my favorite. We finish the dinner off with tiramisu that we make every morning, I like my tiramisu dripping with kahlua and coffee and luckily whoever wrote the recipe we use seems to as well!


We also do a hot and a cold breakfast for the groups. They all have the option of visiting the Vatican whilst they are here and to get the most out of their day the tours are early which makes some even earlier starts for us in the kitchen, but the work is fun and a midday nap in the sun isn’t such a hard thing to do really.

The other thing we do for the groups is their lunch for the day they leave us. Depending on the trip they get either a packed lunch or a picnic. With the detail that goes in to the picnic lunches they are probably the most time consuming thing that we do, every other process has been refined so that when peak comes and we have 4-5 groups a night it will still be possible to prep and cook that amount of food!

In a few weeks we wont have any time off so for the moment whilst we do, we have been spending our time building a garden for our personal crew space, experimenting with baking and sharing it with the bar staff and taking trips in to Rome, mostly for aperitivo (more to come on that soon!)

Our little garden filled with herbs and flowers

In two days time I am taking a whole 9 days off to go to Malta! I’ve never been before but it was super cheap for the flights so I thought why not? Coming to you soon from one of the tiniest capital cities in the world!

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