The end of the season is upon us


The last breakfast of the last trip.


Done. Finished. Kaput.


I am currently dusting my hands off and stretching out after the last of my trips for the year. No more trips, no more site work and no more Topdeck.


At this exact moment, I am so excited by this prospect. The ability to sleep in, to stay in one spot for days and days on end, having the time available to call people and chat for hours.


Give me a week or two and I’ll be itching to be back working again but for now I am happy and excited to be a free agent.


My last trip ended on a high and not just because we were in Amsterdam (hohoho). I’ll have some updates about my last 2 trips coming soon because I have had the most phenomenal season and am so excited to get back into writing!


For now what are my plans?


Well, it’s currently a little bit daunting but I have roughly 4 months of my own travels coming up. 4 whole months planned roughly but still quite loose where I can go wherever and do whatever, it gives me a thrill to think about it. My first step is to go to Ireland. Those that know me well know that Ireland is my second home with my second family and that I am a regular visitor, but the last time I was there was a year and a half ago! Never mind, I am flying over on the 1st Sept to re-visit favourite people and places.


After that I have rough plans for October that need to be booked before saying anything. And then finally in November there is The Big Event of my Dad coming over to Europe. We are meeting in Reykjavik and for a month we will be exploring Scandinavia. We have been planning this for so long and it still has a lot of booking to go but it is going to be an amazing trip!


December has some more important events, including my best friend Claire and her husband Cam sealing their vows for friends and family in New York just before New Years Eve so needless to say that this is one thing I have already secured in to my flight schedule.


Many more trips are being tucked into the weeks surrounding these big dates and my big To Do task for the coming days is to book some flights to secure all of these events!


For now, 5 days of peace and quiet to get my life in order (wash clothes, book flights, sort important stuff like travel insurance) in the crew house in the Netherlands. Expect to be hearing from me soon!




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