20 signs you are addicted to travel!


  1. You still use your parents address to fill out forms – you are never anywhere long enough to have your own.
  2. You only read books about travel. Guide books can be bed time reading to you.

  1. Your walls have maps on them. Of places you’ve been and places you want to go and more likely than not – they will be detailed with street names and all, not just an artistic interpretation.
  2. You friends first question when you get home – ‘how long are you staying for this time?’
  3. You have more than one currency in your wallet at all times.
  4. You get home and are still converting prices into Euros/Yen/Pesos

  5. You have to check the world time zones several times a day (when trying to figure out calling friends scattered across the globe)
  6. Your conversations contain sentences such as “My friend from ____” and “When I was in _____”. And you probably cringe to hear yourself doing it so much.
  7. The play lists on your iPod are named after cities. Maybe the reason is that you listened to the songs in that city or they just have a vibe remind you of that place.
  8. You have several well worn suitcases and bags at the top of your closet (or even more likely, still on the floor with the clothes from your last trip STILL in them) and know what occasion each of them is for. “Well there is the sports bag for weekend escapes, the backpack for outdoor and summer trips and the suitcase for long term travel……”1582
  9. If you are currently traveling, you have the next 2 trips already being planned in your head. If you are currently at home, you have the next 4+ trips being planned already on paper.

  10. The question “Where is your favorite place?” is the hardest thing you could be asked and the start of a very long conversation.
  11. You pack at the last minute, it’s been done so many times that it’s almost automatic.
  12. In a local bar at home some guy asks “so what do you do?” and the answer is “I travel”.

  13. You know how to greet and thank someone in at least 5 different languages.
  14. You buy clothes based on whether or not they will crease in a suitcase.

  15. You have a box with your collection of travel adapters in it.
  16. You think that not having to carry your shampoo and soap to and from the shower is a luxury.
  17. All of your savings go towards your next holiday. Your savings account is probably called “Cuba” or “Mongolia” or something.
  18. You have just said/thought “Yep, Yep, Yep” to all of the things on this list. 😉

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