Discover your home town.

Walk around. Walk slowly and walk in places you haven’t been before. Take a different route home, to the shops or to lunch.

Stop. Stop in front of buildings you have always walked past and look up. Notice how the clouds reflect off the glass and how when they race across the sky it makes it feel as though the tallest spires are going to come tumbling down on you. Find high up carvings in churches and window boxes full of flowers.

Look down. Watch your feet as they walk and notice the plaques in the sidewalk. Stop to read them. See the graffiti on the streets and the fish in the water. Notice where dandelions and daisies are springing up.

Take your headphones out. Hear church bells ringing and buskers playing. Sit on the pavement to relax and enjoy the music. Listen to other people’s conversations or the ferries horns or the wind in the trees.

Put your headphones in. Walk around your area with a rock ballad in your ears and watch everyday occurrences become part of an epic music video. Smile, because your world just got more awesome.

Go inside. That cafe, that shop, that art gallery, that church. Is there anything planned for this afternoon? No? Then go in.

Have your coffee in a different spot. Get a takeaway cup and sit at the base of a statue or in a park (hopefully it’s sunny) and watch the world.

Collect paper. Use flyers, magazines and websites to fill your diary with things that are on. If you see someone setting up a marquee or stage, stop to ask them what’s happening.

Go somewhere different. You may have your favourite cafe, bar or restaurant but there are others out there that are just as good and maybe better! Try out a different one each time and what’s the worst that can happen? Treat it as an adventure and review it with yourself afterwards; you will then be a great person to come to for recommendations.

Leave the house with wide eyes and an open mind.You won’t be able to help bumping into wonderful things.



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